Fire Restoration and Smoke Restoration

There’s no way around it.  When fire and smoke hits your home, it’s not only physically damaging to the structure of your house, it also leaves emotional scars on all those involved.  Not only can furniture be destroyed, but your carpet and flooring can also suffer major destruction.   Even if the fire and smoke is contained by your trusted fire department, the water can also cause serious issues for the structure of your home.  We understand how painful and frustrating these situations can be.  Superior Fire and Smoke Restoration is prepared to come to your aid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve accidentally started a few sparks on your own – lighting a candle, impatiently washing that frying pan with water before the grease has cooled down, maybe leaving the iron face down on your favorite shirt while you answer your phone.  Purely accidental, of course, but there are many other ways fires can start in your home.  Electrical or wiring shorts can easily spark and catch the drapes or carpet on fire.  Lightning can also cause serious damage, as well as arson and vandalism, but we hope you do not have to endure that extreme circumstance.

While fire’s destruction is not a question, smoke can do equally as much damage, some of which is not as easily visible.  We are taught in elementary school to crawl out of smoke filled rooms because the smoke will rise to the ceiling.  As it accumulates, it will migrate to cooler areas – into holes in the ceiling, cavities in the walls, through your heating and air conditioning vents.  Heavy smoke can also be absorbed into walls and your furniture.  Here are a few major types of smoke and the damage they can incur.

  • Slow burning and low temperature fires can leave a gummy and odorous residue on walls and other surfaces.  This is called Wet Smoke Residue.  It is not easy to clean off as the residue will smear and spread.
  • Dry Smoke Residue is a result of high temperature and quick burning fires.  This residue is almost powdery and dry.  Cleaning this type of residue does not smear like the Wet Smoke Residue.
  • Protein Residue does not leave highly visible residue on your walls, but it does cling to paint and varnishes.  There is a strong odor, also, left with this type of residue.
  • Other forms of smoke damage – residue from furnaces, fire extinguishers, candle smoke, etc…

There’s no easy way to begin after this sort of damage.  Things are covered in smoke and soot and the smell resonates throughout the house.  It can be paralyzing.  There are, however, things you can do to make cleaning and restoring easier, and there are things you should definitely avoid doing.  The best route is to begin as soon as possible.  If the damage is not too severe, and it is possible, open all your windows and door to allow for ventilation.  Smoke is terrible for our bodies, so imagine your little “best friends.”  As soon as you can, get them out of the house until we are able to clean and remove the smoke.  This next bit is very important to ensure you and your belongings are taken care of.  TAKE INVENTORY.  Make note of everything that was affected by the fire and smoke.  This will make the process with insurance companies run much more smoothly.  Also, if the electricity has been compromised, make sure to empty your refrigerator and freezer.  Other things you can do involve items that have not been destroyed.  If water was used to put out flames, wash everything you can quickly.  If such salvageable items are left wet, they can grow mold and mildew and become unsalvageable.  Clothes, drapes, furniture covers, and carpet.  We are great with carpets!  We can tell you if your carpet can be cleaned, or if it needs to be replaced.  And, one step further, we can remove your damaged carpet, clean your flooring and subflooring, and install new carpet!  One stop shop!  Another helpful solution is to cover whatever furniture is not damaged or destroyed and remove it from the premises.  Doing this is helpful as it will ensure the non-damaged property stays clean when we come to inspect and restore your home.  Now, all of this being said, here are some things you should avoid.

If you want to start cleaning before we get there, it must be done properly and with caution.  As there are different types of smoke and fires, there are different methods to clean.  In cleaning fabrics and furniture, it is important to note you should not use brush vacuum extensions.  The brushes can actually do more damage than good, rubbing the soot and ash further into the fabrics or spreading it from one piece to another.  We have the proper tools and techniques to clean your carpets and furniture, so it’s always a safe bet to give us a call before you take on the damage alone.  For your walls and other things, it’s best not to try to clean residue yourself.  It’s also important, as smoke can infiltrate your appliances and HVAC system, do not use your oven, stove, etc… or heating or air until they are all cleared by the fire department.  You should also dispose of any food or perishable items that may have been exposed to smoke or extreme heat.  These are all ways you can take care of you house on your own.  Now we’ll describe our process of restoration.

For best results, it is crucial we are called as soon as possible.  Superior Fire and Smoke Restoration is available and on call 24 hours a day.  Our certified technicians will come to the property and assess the damage done by both smoke and fire.  We can determine which tools and methods to use based upon our findings.  Our skilled technicians can tell you what is salvageable and what is not, and give advice how to save what you can.  We can also help you take inventory.  Now we begin our restoring.

We examine the flooring or carpets to determine whether or not they can be saved.  If they can be cleaned, we can do so. If not, we will take care of the removal and disposal.  We will also clean the subflooring.  Drapery, carpets, furniture are no trouble.  Superior actually recommends that you let us clean all these, as we’ve got the proper tools and know-how.  Your ducts and vents will also need attention.  We’ve got you covered!

When the cleaning or upholstery and carpet is done, we can begin removing any residual odor left from the smoke.  Whereas you’re welcome to try to use your own air fresheners, we do not recommend it.  They simply mask odors and can sometimes lead to more troublesome odors.  We have a number or deodorizers and sanitizers, as well as our Ozone Generator, which works incredibly.  Check out our article about the generator!  Thermal Fogging is another method we offer.  This contraption literally fogs up the area and neutralizes the smoke odors.

There are many fears that come with fire and smoke troubles.  Know that we can work with you and your insurance company to send those fears up in smoke.  Superior Fire and Smoke Restoration is fully prepared to take care of all your needs!  Don’t hesitate to call us!