Deodorizer and Sanitation


Deodorizer and Sanitation Services in Lexington KY

Trouble with stench? Stinky carpets aren’t uncommon. As a matter of fact, carpets are incredible magnets for dirt and odors. How many times have you cleaned your carpets with homemade remedies or store bought wonder solutions only to give up and submit to that haunting, vexing odor trapped deep inside your carpet? Superior Carpet Care of Lexington and Richmond, Kentucky knows just what to do.

Different types of odors and stains require specific methods of cleaning and deodorizing.  If you can identify the origin of the stain, our job becomes much easier.  If you can’t, no worries!  We’ve got all the tools we need to dissolve this problem.

Of course, for minor odors such as leftover food or a dirty trashcan odor, we have masking and pairing agents that can neutralize these odors and leave pleasant scents in their place.  We also have odor blocks that can be placed strategically around the house to maintain that pleasant scent.  Inside air vents is a great way to freshen up a house quickly.

Another solution Superior offers is our enzyme-based deodorizer.  This type of deodorizer works on your organic and biological odors originating from stains such as pet odors due to urine, vomit, etc… by digesting the odor causing bacteria and removing them completely.  The odors are neutralized, thus leaving your house smelling so fresh and so clean.

For issues with odors caused by mold and mildew, we have mold-inhibitors that not only remove the odor causing micro-organisms, but also act as a future preventative measure against such troublesome problems.  In situations such as these, use of perfumes or masking agents will not resolve anything; they will only cover the smell temporarily or lead to a reoccurring issue.

There is always another solution, as well.  We do offer our Ozone Generator as an odor eliminator.  Check out our information all about the Ozone Generator!

In any case of frustrating odors and stains, Superior Carpet Care is always only a phone call away.  We have a variety of scents, such as fresh linen, cherry, and spice, among many more.  We also offer a number of non-fragrant and allergy-free deodorizers as well.  Whereas these deodorizers work incredibly, we always recommend our steam cleaning as a first step.  The steam works wonders on stains and odors of many types. While cleaning is surely a safe bet, some odors are stubborn and do require extra attention.  At Superior, we are fully prepared to take care of any troublesome odor on all levels!  Call today and let us put your mind to rest!

Even if you’re cleaning your carpet regularly, while aesthetically it will look fabulous, according to your nose, it might be another story. Naturally, you’d want the smell gone, so you turn to store bought sprays and powders to remedy the situation. The use of these agents can only mask the odors, unfortunately. In some instances, the agents can even make matters worse. So we recommend locating the source of the odor before using any sort of cleaning agent. Or just call us! We’ll take care of it all!