Persian Rug Cleaning Services

Persian Rug Clenaing

A Persian Rug can be a beautiful addition to any home living space, adding color and contrast to the room.  Persian Rugs do however require professional cleaning from time to time to keep them looking their best and protect them from the constant wear and tear of everyday traffic.  We offer the most comprehensive Persian Rug Cleaning services in Lexington, KY and the surrounding areas.

Persian Rug CleanersProfessionally Trained for Cleaning Fine Rugs
Our Fine Rug Cleaning technicians are professionally trained in the proper cleaning methods for Persian Rugs.  Our professional experience and equipment allows us to provide a deep fabric cleaning of your persian rug, without any damage to the fibers or fading of colors.  You can trust Superior Cleaning to not only provide the best rug cleaning service, but to also take extra care of your rug in the process to ensure it’s long life in your home.





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We’ll Pick up your Persian rug at no additional cost.
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Once cleaned, we’ll deliver the rug back to your door.
Superior Cleaning & Protection
Industry leading professional cleaning and protection for Persian Rugs.
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