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VCT Tile Cleaning Lexington KySuperior Floor Care offers full service VCT Tile Cleaning services, including Tile Stripping and Tile Buffing in Lexington, Ky and surrounding areas! No matter how big the job is, we can handle it, give us a call for the best service in Lexington.  Our trained technicians have the experience and skill to bring VCT Tile flooring back to life as well as maintain it to ensure it looks great for years to come.  We have years of experience in stripping, cleaning and buffing VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) floors for Office Buildings, Restaurants, Doctor’s Offices, Schools, Nursing Homes, Retail Stores and many others.  Our experience, along with proper floor care and maintenance can ensure that VCT flooring looks great and lasts a very long time.
Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is a square foot tile composed of smaller, colored chips of vinyl fused together.  It is a popular choice because it is relatively inexpensive, low maintenance, and very durable, which is why it’s commonly used at Schools and Hospitals.  At Superior Floor Care of Lexington and Richmond, Kentucky, we have the proper tools and skilled technicians to not only clean, but to maintain these areas for you as well.

VCT Tile Floor Cleaners in Lexington Ky

VCT Tile Waxing and Wax Removal
To fully clean and restore VCT flooring, it’s important to strip away all of the previous layers of wax that have been applied over the years.  However, most cleaners aren’t able to remove the old wax at all.  At Superior we remove all of the wax already on the floor in order to clean as deep as possible.  We then re-apply a new coating of wax that will protect and preserve the VCT flooring.

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Our Cleaning ProcessesOur Maintenance Services
There are a number of steps to clean this type of flooring, and the process can take some time; however, with proper cleaning techniques, this flooring can last for many years.  Here we will break down the process and explain ways to prolong the life of your tile flooring.

Vinyl Composition Tile Flooring is usually coated with layers of wax which not only protect the actual tiles from scratches, moisture and dings, but also leave them with a lasting shine.  Our first step is to strip and remove the old layers of wax.  Once this is removed, we clean the actual tiles.  It is now time for the first application for the new wax.  A thin layer is spread across the tile and allowed to dry.  This application can be repeated as many times as a customer prefers.  Usually schools and factory floors require eight or more layers of wax to accommodate high traffic.  Some office buildings do not experience as much traffic, ergo, do not need as much wax; for instance, only two to three coats.  Each layer needs about thirty minutes to dry before our technicians can walk across and/or add another coat.  To follow this process, we recommend High Speed Buffing, which is part of our “VCT Maintenance Program”.

This last step is what makes the wax stronger and shinier and helps to make sure that the shine lasts!

There are many ways to manage the upkeep of your VCT floors.  Of course sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming are always good measures.  Entryway mats are another possible method to keep excess dirt and debris from coming in.  Another option is our “VCT Maintenance Program.”  Through this program, we come back every one to two weeks, which is what we recommend to maintain the best condition for your tiles.  The experienced technicians from Superior Floor Care of Lexington and Richmond, Kentucky will return with a high speed buffer and restore your floors to its original vibrant shine.  Our constant upkeep and continual buffing are a perfect way to prolong the life of the wax and your floors.
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