Richmond KY Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair in Lexington KYIf rips, burns or holes in your carpet makes you dread the thought of replacing Superior Floor Care is Richmond KY’s Carpet Repair and Stretching Professionals.  We can repair your damaged carpet and remove wrinkles to make your floors look brand new again.


Carpet Damage? Let Superior Handle it!

  • We can repair tears, rips and holes in carpeting.
  • Fix Frayed seams and loose Carpet fibers.
  • Tighten loose carpeting and remove wrinkles.
  • We can even fix areas of burned carpeting.
Richmond Ky’s Carpet Repair Specialists

Richmond KYCarpet Repair and Stretching Services

Getting your carpet fresh and clean is great, but what about the unsightly damage that just seems to come from no where?  Carpet damage is hard to ignore as it just keeps getting worse and worse over time.  Damaged carpeting can also be a major safety hazard as the fibers become loose and begin to come apart, leaving strands of carpet fiber that can easily cause you to trip, or even worse, leave dangerous spike strips exposed to be stepped on.  Our carpet repair services fix all of these issues in a fast and affordable process that saves you lots of money by preventing you from replacing carpeting that can just be fixed in a single afternoon.

Lexington Ky Carpet Damage Repair

Our carpet repair methods aren’t just a simple coverup or patch, we use an advanced repair techniques that replace the damaged carpet with a new piece that is then bonded to the original carpet using heat.  The result is a repaired floor that is as strong or stronger than the original, and that will never come apart.  Our technicians are fully trained to repair and even install carpeting, allowing us to handle any size problem.

Locally Owned Richmond KY Business

For over 16 years Superior Floor Care has called Richmond KY home. We’re proud of the reputation that we’ve built as professional and experienced floor care service, and we look forward to serving Richmond Ky and the surrounding areas for years to come.

We also offer full Carpet Installation in Richmond Ky as well, so there is no one better to trust your carpet and floors to than Superior Floor Care!

Remove Carpet Wrinkles



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