Floor Care Tips and Advice

Read articles and advice about floor care and carpet cleaning from our professionally trained technicians.  From tips on how to remove the hard to clean stains, to the best floor cleaning chemicals to use, we  want consumers to be informed when it comes to taking care of their floors.


House Flood Restoration Lexington KY

Cleaning Up After Home Flooding

  Home flooding can be a major problem.  Water soaks into carpets and padding, seeps through wood flooring and even damages drywall.  If left alone the damage will become even more severe, affecting the structural integrity of your home as … Read More

allergies relief

5 Tips for Home Allergy Relief

  It’s about that time of year again were we prepare ourselves for the onslaught of Seasonal Allergies.  While everyone has different tolerances and reactions to Allergens, a large number of people suffer the most during the spring and summer … Read More

Hotel Carpet Cleaning

Hotel Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Hotel carpets are subject to large amounts of foot traffic, and most of the time the patrons aren’t worried about making sure their feet are clean.  This can lead to carpet stains that simply won’t come out with traditional cleaning methods … Read More

Lexington KY Carpet Cleaning Rental

Lexington Carpet Cleaning Rental

Superior Carpet Cleaning of Lexington & Richmond Kentucky now offer carpet steam cleaner rentals. Most carpet steam cleaners for sale/rent in stores are rated far under the performance of our professional carpet cleaning companies machine. Compare the the rug doctor of … Read More

Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

Candles can make a home feel warm and inviting, making people more comfortable in the environment. However, when you light candles around the house, sooner or later there can be an accident, leaving your with an un-sightly and difficult to … Read More

Authorized Scotchgard Treatments

Love of Scotchgard

Today’s article is dedicated completely to Scotchgard, what it does and how it helps keep your carpets and fabrics stain free. Most people have heard of Scotchgard and know what it does to help keep carpets and fabrics clean, but … Read More

Lexington Home Carpet Cleaning

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Hello Richmond, Berea and Lexington customers.  This Superior Carpet Cleaning article is dedicated to tips and advice on how to keep your carpets clean, and ensuring the longevity of your carpet.  Follow these simple tips to maintain the life of your … Read More


Green Cleaning

Hey everyone! Did you know that we have Green cleaning products?  Here at Superior Carpet Cleaning, we want our Richmond, Berea and Lexington customers to have access to an array of carpet cleaning.  We are aware how important environmental issues … Read More