Carpet Installation Services

Lexington KY Carpet Installation Services

Are you having trouble with your carpet?  Has it loosened under your feet or pulled away from the walls?  Don’t fret any longer! Superior Floor Care can not only restretch and repair your damaged carpet (as well as clean them), we also offer carpet installation and padding.  Our professionals are ready to go on a whim.  We can come out with our samples and give you an estimate on any repair or installation at no charge at all.  There is no project too big or small for our technicians — be it installing, cleaning, repairing or restretching.  We accept any flooring challenge and always back our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  When it comes to your floors, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s our little checklist of the process.

  1.  You, as the customer, will choose the carpet that best suits your home or office.
  2. Our experienced technicians will take measurements of the area for the restretching, repair, or for your new carpet.  We will create an estimate involving all costs – carpet, labor and any other fees.  The estimate will be sent to you promptly.
  3. As we send the estimate, we will offer you a chance to schedule your carpet installation or repair.
  4. At the scheduled date, we will either install or repair your carpet and padding, ready to answer any other questions you might have regarding our services.  We will go through the proper methods to maintain your carpet for its longevity.
  5. At Superior Floor Care, we guarantee our work, so we offer follow ups to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

If you’re calling us because there is a stain on your carpet you’re not sure can be cleaned, we will do our best to remove the stain.  If we cannot remove the area and you would like to have us install new carpet, the cost of the cleaning goes straight towards your installation!

Here are some answers to questions you might have about our services.

If you’re having us come install new carpet, we ask that you please remove all breakables from all surfaces.  We do not anticipate any “whoopsies,” but always better safe than sorry.

If we are repairing carpet, we ask that some furniture be moved.  We are more than happy to move the larger pieces.  Please have all electronics disconnected.  Again, always a good idea to have already removed all breakables from the room.

If you are having us do a new carpet installation, we are more than happy to remove the old carpet and padding and dispose of it.  Also, if the subflooring needs to be repaired or cleaned, that will be included in the estimate.  There’s not a lot we can’t do!

If you are having us install carpet where there has been no carpet before, or the new carpet is slightly higher than the previous, no problem for us.  We can shave a bit off the doors so everything fits just right.

What about any sort of shedding, sprouting or wrinkling after the carpet installation?  No problem!  Shedding is a natural process with brand new carpet.  It will subside shortly after the carpet installation with regular vacuuming.  Sprouting, or extending tufts, are NOT to be pulled.  Cut them close with scissors.  And if you experience wrinkling, give us a call and we’ll come back promptly and stretch it right back out, no charge.

Warrantee?  Of course!  As stated above, we will always return to fix any loosening or wrinkling.  We also offer Scotchgard application for all new carpets.  We highly recommend this!  It protects your brand new carpet from spills of most kind.  This application also provides you with another reason for us to come back to your house and re-clean and re-apply Scotchgard for FREE!

And don’t forget, if you experience flood damage or fire damage, please don’t hesitate to call us.  Superior 24 Fire and Flood Emergency Restoration can take care of any accident you experience in your home.  Water covering your carpet?  If it’s irreplaceable, we will set you up for new carpet.