Lexington KY Carpet Steam Machine Rental

Do you have a small area in your carpet or love-seat that needs to be steam cleaned? We offer a number of portable cleaning machines with the same professional strength we use in our truck-mounted machines. When you call to rent one of our machines, we will supply you with particular tools to ensure you remove all those stains. All of the hoses, of course, for water intake and extraction, an agitator comb to make sure to get to those trouble areas, and an upholstery tool. You will receive spot cleaner for those areas that need a little extra time; it works the same as any spot cleaner you can find at the store, but is as powerful as our own pre-treatment we use when our technicians clean your carpet. Carpet Shampoo is also included in this fabulous package. When renting a machine, our technicians will go over the instructions and methods of use for the machines so you are comfortable with all the equipment and confident you can get any stains out.

Carpet Cleaning Rental in Lexington & Richmond Kentucky

Superior Carpet Cleaning of Lexington & Richmond Kentucky now offers carpet steam cleaner rentals. Most carpet steam cleaners for sale/rent in stores are rated far under the performance of our professional carpet cleaning companies machine. Compare the the rug doctor of 28 psi to the portable steam cleaners in our company of 150-500 psi.

For carpet cleaning 200-400 psi is recommended. Also, how does 150 inches of water lift (machine suction) sound instead of 100 inches from the Rug Doctor. Once you add 180 degrees of heat to the water you can clearly see that none of the rentals can compare.

So call Superior Carpet Cleaning of Lexington & Richmond Ky today to reserve your rental. Prices range between $45-$95 a day depending on which size machine you will need to complete the job. Included in our rental are free delivery and pickup and we supply shampoo at no additional charge.