Drapery Cleaning in Lexington KY

Drape Cleaning ServicesDrapes catch allergens, dander and fur from your furry friends, dirt and dust circulating through your home, as well as odors from smoking or cooking. They’re not something you think of often, and they can be hard to clean properly on your own, but cleaning your drapery can go a long way to helping you keep a happy and healthy home.  Our professional steam cleaning methods are proven to remove not just odors, stains and dirt, but also harmful allergens as well.

Window treatments can be costly and time consuming.  There is a great deal of energy expending on choosing the perfect color, shape, texture, style and weight to accent your home.  They bring color and create an environment matched to your personality.  However, they can also act as a type of air filter.


Why its Important to Clean Drapery

Drapes are constantly collecting allergens, dust, and odors, especially thick and heavy curtains, odors can lodge themselves deep within the weave.  In some cases, particles of dust and dirt can actually cause damage to fabric by acting like sandpaper.  The particles can also lead to the colors of your drapes fading.  After saying all this, we understand this sounds all doom and gloom if you don’t call us immediately.  While we would love to come clean your drapes, we understand these particular cases are extreme.  They are possible, but not with every drape.

Other things that can compromise the integrity of your window adornments is sun and condensation exposure from being so close to your windows.  Sun damage is permanent.  Moisture damage from foggy windows can lead to bleeding of dyes and discoloration.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel, though.  Hanging sheer curtains behind your drapes (against the window) is a perfect way to lengthen the life of your drapery.

Drapery Cleaning Services

Superior did a great job cleaning and they even re-installed my drapes for me! Great service, they have my business.Amanda Barns

Cleaning drapery is much like cleaning upholstery.  There are so many different types of fabric used in both furniture and drapes, and there is an important process to determine which cleaning agents to use for each type.  Similar in cleaning your furniture, many materials cannot handle our steam cleaning methods.  The moisture can damage the material or cause bleeding in the colors and dyes.  This isn’t a problem for us, though!  We’ve got all the tools and expertise to use dry cleaning agents to take care of the odors and stains in your drapes.

Drapery Cleaning in Lexington Ky

Caring for your Drapery

Here are some ways you can manage the aesthetics of your drapes before you need professionals.  As with all our services, we highly recommend vacuuming regularly.  It is important with drapes though, that you use the brush attachment and be very gentle with the hose and drapes alike.  Hold the bottom hem of the drape taut while vacuuming for best results.  If you do notice a stain or spot on the fabric, always test a small area with a clean damp cloth to ensure the moisture will not leave a damaged spot.  Dab the area to remove spots.  We do NOT recommend using spotting agents on drapes as they can also causing bleeding.  If you’re not comfortable getting those spots out, we are!

Superior can clean your drapery on-site or remove-clean-and reinstall your drapes.  We are flexible to your preferences and needs.  Just let us know and we’ll have those drapes cleaned in no time!  Simple as that!


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