Ozone Generator Rental

Ozone Generator MachineOzone Generator Rental by Superior Cleaning is the number one method of removing unpleasant odors from your home or office.  Odor in your carpet and upholstery is not fun to deal with. Especially when you’ve racked your brain and cleaning closet for every cleaning method you can find. Online tricks and Grandma’s recipes just won’t get that smell out, and your hair seems to be falling out and turning gray over something so small.  Superior Floor Care and Restoration can help!  We have a number of ways to eliminate that odor. One in particular works when so many other techniques won’t is our Ozone Odor Treatment with Ozone Generator Machines.

Fight back Against Odors!

Did you know that even with regular cleaning and vacuuming, your carpet and furniture can still absorb nasty odors?  Pets, as we all know, are wonderful companions, but sometimes they bring in smells that just won’t go away.  Smoke from fire damage or continuous tobacco use can also leave what seems like permanent smells in your home.  Even some foods can linger long after you’ve enjoyed that wonderful Holiday dinner.  Our little Ozone Machines, which are about the size of a boot box can really fight back against these odors and leave your home smelling exactly like you wish it did… Clean.


Odor Removal in Lexington Ky

Where can I use a Ozone Machine?

The great thing about our Ozone machine is that you can use it just about everywhere!   Ozone Machines are great for homes, but it also works wonders when used in Cars, RVs and Campers, Apartments and lots more!  Ozone machines also offer the perfect solution for Hospitals, Schools, Office Buildings, Nursing Homes, Churches and just about any other indoor structure with odors that just you just can’t seem to get rid of.

We have treated areas such as single bedrooms in homes, cars, full homes and office buildings.  We have a few different methods for each area, though.  Single rooms involve putting towels under the door to keep the ozone within the particular room.  This way, you are able to continue about your business without worrying about the ozone.  If you’re having us remove odors in your car, when we remove the ozone machine, roll down your windows and turn the air recirculation on.  This will also remove any odor left from the cleaning.  Larger areas, such as entire homes or offices, the machine will generally run around 24 hours.  Fans may be used in order to circulate the ozone in throughout the entire building.

How Ozone Machines WorkProper Usage

How Ozone & Ozone Generators Eliminate Odors

How Ozone Machines WorkWhen we think of Ozone the first thing that normally comes to mind is the atmosphere and the Ozone layer. But Ozone can actually exist down here with all of us, and it has an amazing property of being able to eliminate bad smells and odors that are nearly impossible to get out by other means. The Oxygen we breath is made up of two O atoms coming together forming O2. Ozone is a weak-bonded molecule made up of three O atoms, forming O3. Ozone is similar to the Oxygen we breath, only with the addition of the extra oxygen atom. This extra atom is what gives Ozone it’s odor killing property. When Ozone comes into contact with any sort of pollutant, the 3rd atom pulls away from the other two and attaches it’s self to the odor or smell, which destroys the pollutant completely. With the 3rd O atom now gone, the Ozone is now fresh, breathable O2.

Proper Ozone Machine Usage and Warnings

It is important to note that high levels of ozone can be dangerous, which is why we ask you to vacate the house during the duration of the treatment.  Whereas there are no long term side effects for extended exposure, if you enter a recently cleaned room, or stay in the room while it’s being processed, you might develop a headache, dry eyes or a sore throat.  Sometimes we set the time for upwards to 24 hours.  If you have to go into the room or house for any reason, do it quickly.  When we come to retrieve the miracle worker, we also recommend circulating air around the area for about an hour to ensure there is not a high amount of residual ozone left.  With the intense potential of this technique, there will be some scent left over.  This will go away with circulation and thorough ventilation.

Prior to our bringing it to your home, office or car, it’s always a good idea to go ahead and clean up a bit.  Vacuum that carpet and upholstery, sop up any excess stains.  The less left to treat provides a better turn out and gives you the best experience with our ozone machine.  Remember, if you’re interested, give us a call and our technicians can either bring out the generator or complete the process themselves, or you’re more than welcome to rent the generator yourself!  We’re only a phone call away!


Great for Property Managers, Apartments and Hotels

Ozone Machines are the Property Manager’s secret weapon when it comes to completely removing the odors of cigarette smoke, pets and just about anything else a Tennant might leave behind after moving out.  Using the Ozone Generator in a newly vacated apartment or rental property will make sure that new potential renters will smell nothing but fresh and clean air.