Spot, Stain and Odor Removal

Spot Removal, Stain Removal, and Odor Removal

Stain happens.  And isn’t it usually at the most inopportune times?  Right before the holidays with the in-laws coming, or right before a great, long awaited vacation.  Adding insult to injury, you come home from the beach and there is some strange odor in your house you can’t quite put your finger on.  Don’t panic!  Superior Floor Care can not only get the stain out, we also have the tools to remove that pesky odor.

Unfortunately, there are many different types of stains and spots that can leave odors in your home, car or office.  The bottom of the carpet can sometimes create an oasis for bacteria.  Good thing for you, though, we know what we’re doing.  The best way to have these areas taken care of is to identify what may have caused the stain.  Our cleaning solutions and truck mounted steam cleaning machines can eliminate almost all odor causing bacteria.  Some are a little trickier than most, but we’ll dive into that in a bit.  Our technicians are trained to find the proper cleaning agent for each type of stain and odor.

There are the situations we pet lovers find ourselves in every so often that are so frustrating.  Pet spots are not easy to remove, and sometimes, even with the strongest treatments and the most elbow grease, it may never been completely 100% removed.  We have particular techniques for this type of trouble; however, we have an entire blog set up just for Pet Urine.  Check it out!

In situations where your area rugs have been seriously stained, our technicians can actually clean both sides of the rugs for maximum cleaning potential.  However, when the serious stains are on your wall-to-wall carpet, things get a little more complex.  Whereas the process is quite the same, the carpet must actually be lifted from the padding.  When we loosen the edges to get underneath to clean, we can also access the damage that might be done to either the padding or subflooring.  If we find irreparable damage to what’s under your carpet, we are very capable and prepared to lay new padding or clean the subflooring if necessary.  When everything is taken care of, we restretch the loosened carpet to its original shape, and you’re set!  If your carpet itself is irreparable, we’ve got you covered, too.  We will remove and dispose of your old carpet.  Superior Floor Care installs carpet!

Another odor removal technique we offer is our Ozone Generator.  It’s so easy to use!  We can set up the machine ourselves or you are able to rent it yourself.  It’s a great and seriously effective odor removal treatment.

For your knowledge as our customers, there is always a chance the odor causing stain cannot be completely eradicated.  It just all depends on the severity of the stain.

Superior Carpet Cleaning and Floor care believes in a number of tried and true ways to maintain the life of your carpet.  We always recommend regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning at least once a year.  In situations where that might produce odors, we can’t stress enough sopping up excess material or removing any excess liquid.  These steps are definite ways to ensure the odor spots are taken care of.

We can’t wait to help you with these problems!  We understand how stressful unwanted odors can be.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call!